Fronius Eco 25.0-3-S

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The 25kW Fronius Eco 25.0-3-S inverter is ideal for large grid-connected installations. Its SuperFlex design makes it especially suitable for roofs with different inclinations and orientations.

Type: Three-phase grid inverter

Power: 25kW

Integrated WLAN or Ethernet connection.

SnapInverter technology for innovative assembly and easy installation.



Features of the Fronius Eco 25.0-3-S three-phase grid inverter

The Fronius Symo inverter series offers power ranges from 25kW to 27kW and is designed for use in large three-phase type grid connections. These fronius inverters do not have a transformer and offer great versatility due to their great capacity for integration with components from other manufacturers.

– Generation Fronius SnapInverter. Compact and intelligent design with maximum flexibility. Easy installation and intuitive display for easy commissioning. Separate connection area of the power part.

– Integrated communication system. Data logging and WLAN or Ethernet communication. Intuitive monitoring and control with real-time data on any device.

– Smart Grid Ready. The Fronius Eco 25.0-3-S inverter integrates intelligent remote control function with reactive and effective power.

– Export limit / Zero injection. Together with the use of Fronius Smart Meter as well as correct monitoring we can regulate the energy that we pour into the electricity grid.

– SuperFlex design. Two MPP trackers together with a wide range of voltage and input current. Specially designed for use on roofs with different orientations and with partially shaded solar panels.

– Dynamic Peak Manager. New integrated MPP tracker algorithm for fast and efficient maximum power point tracking. It achieves optimum performance even in installations with partial shadows.

Additional information

Weight 35.7 kg
Dimensions 72.5 × 51 × 22.5 cm


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